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Homeowners Associations account for approximately 50% Paragon's annual revenues. They present some unique challenges due to the number of property owners, many of whom have various concerns regarding the impact our work will have on both their homes as well the community overall.


Further, HOAs often have logistical issues such as common driveways, which are affected by activities like demolition / disposal of the old roofs and loading materials; as such, HOA projects are carefully managed.


Detailed notices are distributed to homeowners / tenants at least one week prior to the commencement of work which explain what they can anticipate in regard to any disruption of their daily routines as well as ways they can prepare for the project.


This notice includes the name and cell phone number of the "front office" person who will be onsite during nearly all working hours. In the event of concerns or problems which may arise during the course of work, there's someone on the property to contact, who can be at their unit in a matter of minutes to address the situation.


This person also has up-to-the minute knowledge of nearly every detail of the work being performed (or can readily obtain it) and relay that to homeowners.


In addition to providing prompt "customer care", this also significantly reduces phone calls and/or emails to property managers and Board members regarding what are typically trivial issues such as "there's a nail on my deck!" or "there's some paper in my shrubbery!".


Such on-the-ground management also allows Paragon to provide daily email updates to managers and Board members regarding job progress as well as any issues they should be aware of.


Lastly, the project manager provides an additional set of eyes to help maintain safety and cleanliness of the property. Per our corporate mission, we strive to treat customers and their property the same way we would want a vendor to treat our homes. 


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